What is Love?

You know what love is. Really you do! After all, you know what anger feels like, you know how it feels to be hungry, you know how it feels to be safe.. Why wouldn't you know what love is? It is another emotion, you love someone, someone loves you. Its a feeling.

Love, as is anger, hate, happiness, sadness is an emotion, a state of mind. We can describe the effects of love, we can describe the effects of hate. You know you are angry, you know there was a trigger that made you angry. If you apply the same methods, the same thoughts to Love, there you have it.. if you know what anger is, you know what love is to you.

The difficulty however lies in Why? Why am I in love? Why do i love this particular person? Why does that person not love me?

Science tries to solve these questions, studying the brain, studying how smells might or might not affect feelings of love. There are speculations that opposites attract, opposite immune system that is.. the more your immune system is different, the more you are attracted.

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